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By Andi Bourne

Customer Satisfaction Number One for Seeley Sales & Services LLC


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Owner of Seeley Sales & Services LLC Chad Fowler outside of his shop on 679 Juniper Drive in Seeley Lake. Fowler offers garage door sales, parts and service as well as snowmobile, ATV and chainsaw sales, parts service and accessories.

SEELEY LAKE – Seeley Sales & Services LLC opened in Seeley Lake in March 2015. Owner Chad Fowler offers garage door sales, services and parts, along with snowmobile, ATV and chainsaw sales, parts, service and accessories. Customer satisfaction is Fowler's number one goal.

Fowler worked in the shop alongside his father for as long as he can remember.

"Since the time I was four-years-old I would be out tearing things apart on a work bench and trying to figure out how to put it back together," said Fowler. "Our garage always had snowmobiles in it with the hoods open, constantly fooling around with them, figuring out what to do with them to make them better."

Fowler started selling garage doors at age 18. "I was looking for a job when I came back from Alaska after working on a fishing boat," said Fowler. "Wayne Dalton in Missoula was hiring so I applied and got the job and that's how I got into doors."

He only worked for the Missoula store for one year before branching out on his own. While he will service and install any make and model, he only sells Wayne Dalton garage doors with LiftMaster and Genie garage openers. These products are guaranteed for life and Fowler also guarantees his work for life.

"They are all good products. It is definitely top of the line for doors and openers for quality and reliability," said Fowler. "You can buy cheaper stuff but it is one of those things that you get what you pay for."

When Fowler and his family moved to Lincoln there was not anywhere in town where they could buy parts or have anything worked on. There used to be at least three shops in town that offered small engine repair and recreation vehicle servicing but they had all closed down.

"I wanted something more versatile [than just garage door sales and service]," said Fowler. He opened the Toy Shed in October 2006 and offered snowmobile and ATV repair in addition to the garage doors sales and service. He ran it until June 2013 when he moved to Alaska.

Fowler worked for a Polaris Suzuki dealership in Soldotna, Alaska in 2013 as a full time mechanic for a year and a half. It was there he was reminded how much he enjoyed working for himself.

"There is a certain way I like to do things and I like to give it 110 percent," said Fowler.

When they moved back to Montana, Fowler decided to reopen his garage door sales and services business. Fowler brought his expertise and business with him when he and his family moved to Seeley Lake. He changed the name to Seeley Sales & Services.

Fowler knows his garage door sales and service is a valuable service for the community since most people have a garage door. Fowler's rates are competitive with Missoula stores at $80 per hour. However, no trip charge is attached for his work. Fowler said an average trip charge to Seeley Lake from Missoula to service someone's garage door is around $150.

While Fowler is tech certified to work on Polaris ATVs, snowmobiles and UTVs and Suzuki ATV and marine, he is capable of servicing any make or model. He offers everything from basic tune-ups and preventative maintenance to building big bore motors.

"I would say working on snowmobiles and ATVs is really my passion. I really enjoy tearing motors down and rebuilding them, I really enjoy doing big bore motors and clutching and different things that will make them work better. Machines work pretty good from the factory but there are some things you can do to make them work way better. With the stuff they have now days, it actually makes the machines more reliable."

Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Fowler recently upgraded this 800 cubic centimeters (cc), 160 horsepower (hp) snowmobile motor with a 900cc, 215 hp big bore motor with an aftermarket Bikeman Performance Kit. "It comes with a role of duct tape," said Fowler and laughed.

Fowler also offers snowmobile apparel and accessories, buys and sells used snowmobiles and ATVs and works on small engines.

"If it has a small engine [like] chainsaws, lawn mowers, pretty much anything, then I can work on it," said Fowler.

In the future, Fowler hopes to expand to have a full storefront to display apparel and accessories as well as be able to stock and sell chain saws.

"I try to go above and beyond what one would expect or hope to get when they take a machine in to get it worked on," said Fowler. "Customer satisfaction is the whole reason I got into business for myself."

Seeley Sales & Services LLC is located at 679 Juniper Drive. Mention this article and receive 25 percent off garage door service. Contact information can be found in the Pathfinder Services Directory, call Fowler at 406-240-3843, email or find him on Facebook by searching for Seeley Sales and Service, LLC.


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