Opportunity for Montana Veterans to Speed up Veterans Claims


HELENA - The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has selected Montana to conduct a pilot program that is intended to speed the processing of veterans’ claims for benefits. The program, known as Digits to Digits or D2D, will allow selected Veteran’s Services Organizations to submit electronic claims directly to the VA.

An agreement between the VA and the Montana Veterans Affairs Division (MVAD) will allow MVAD to submit veteran benefit claim products directly into the VA’s claims processing system.  This will result in more rapidly processed claim products, meaning that veterans will typically receive their benefits more quickly than with existing processes.

“Montana was selected for this pilot program due to the MVAD’s recognized superior level of production and competence,” said Joe Foster, MVAD Administrator. “Our veterans service officers are highly trained and we have the requisite IT infrastructure to make this transition.”  

Currently, MVAD is responsible for more than 75 percent of the Montana-based veteran benefit claim products submitted into the Fort Harrison VA Center.

By selecting organizations that have a proven record of long-term success in submitting electronic-based claim products rather than “paper” claims, the VA not only expects speedier veteran access to benefits but also - as a pilot state - “lessons learned” that will benefit all the states when the program is eventually rolled-out nationally.

“Any program that streamlines the process for veterans to receive their hard-earned benefits is one I fully support,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “I also recognize the work of the MVAD staff to be selected to test this new program before it is introduced to the rest of the nation.”

The pilot program agreement is scheduled to be finalized late November and put in to operation by mid-December.


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