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  • Round Two: Bob Marshall Music Festival Returns to Seeley Lake

    Micah Drew, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - Summer music festivals in Montana are almost as prevalent as cherries on a tree in the Flathead. They range from the Montana Folk Festival in Butte, to the Big Sky Classical Music Festival, to the new Traveler's Rest in Missoula. The local Bob Marshall Music Festival, on July 13-16, enters its second year as a solid member of the summer music scene in the four-oh-six. Last year's inaugural event hosted more than 2,500 people at the festival during the busiest day-including kids...

  • Young Trevino Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE – Addy Trevino was a healthy, active, happy two-year-old up until two weeks ago. Now she and her family are facing six weeks of radiation for an inoperable brain tumor. Addy's parents Jen and Treay Trevino both graduated from Seeley-Swan High School. They have been working in Seeley Lake since 2009 and just bought their first house in Seeley Lake last August. Treay currently works at Rovero's and Jen is a sous chef at Double Arrow Lodge. "If you have had breakfast or lunch at the Dou...

  • Rumble and Shake: Little Damage but Rattled Nerves

    Roger Dey, Editor, Blackfoot Valley Dispatch|Jul 13, 2017

    LINCOLN - About eight and a half miles below Ken and Sandy Crymble's home in Mead Gulch, something moved. "I thought the cabin exploded. I didn't know," Crymble said. "The cabin was shaking and there just a loud, huge noise." According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a "shallow strike-slip faulting" motion triggered a 5.8 magnitude earthquake almost directly beneath the Crymble home at 12:30 a.m., July 6. As a retired fire chief, Crymble had years of experience. Awaking from a deep sleep by...

  • Voice Your Opposition to the Swan Forest Initiative

    Brent Morrow - Peter Guynn - Kari Gunderson, Swan Valley, Mont.|Jul 13, 2017

    SWAN VALLEY - As a resident of the beautiful Swan Valley, I am deeply disturbed by the Lake County Conservation District’s proposal to transfer the management of 60,000 acres of the Flathead National Forest. The proposal calls for the establishment of a “Conservation Forest” to produce timber revenue for LCCD. This proposal is a direct attack on our public lands and we cannot stand for it in our own backyard. Despite many legal and logistical holes, the lands earmarked for the potential Conservation Forest are disjointed and scattered throu...

  • Fight Against All Future Funds for Sewer Project

    Don Ditty, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - For 28 years I’ve watched the Seeley Lake sewer project tossed around like a yo-yo! I have seen Sewer Board members quit their positions to be replaced with other dreamers. Because of lack of significant grants, the Board has to rely on assessments from the property owners to keep the dream going on. Please, Sewer District people, fight against all future Sewer Board proposals to create ways and schemes to gain funds for Board use. Seeley Lake is not a suitable place for a trial and error project....

  • The Cost of Not Building a Sewer System

    Addrien Marx, Former Owner, Roveros|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - People are asking what a new sewer system will cost the residents of Seeley Lake. Like my friends and neighbors here, I look forward to hearing those details when they’re available. In the meantime, I am writing to talk about the costs of not building a sewer system. As the owner of Rovero’s, I have the pleasure of serving our beautiful community cradled between two mountain wilderness areas and a stunning chain of lakes. As Seeley Lake has grown, so has Rovero’s. Two years ago, my engineers informed me that our heavily used...

  • Let's Get Our Sewer Information Correct

    Colleen Krause, Seeley Lake, Mont. - Summer resident of 70 years|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - The Seeley Lake Sewer Board distributed a flyer from Lindey’s parking lot during the Fourth of July parade which contained some error in fact and some unsubstantiated assumptions. The Board must work harder to give us accurate information so we sewer district residents can make an intelligent decision. 1. The flyer states a sewer would reduce the cost of housing when in fact it would INCREASE substantially the cost of housing. How can the cost of housing decrease when expenses are increasing? Residents can expect monthly bills wel...

  • Seeley Lake Sewer Voted Down, Vote Being Ignored Again - Is that Legal?

    Connie Betson, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE – I think voters voted against the sewer because so many questions were not answered. Like how much would the monthly cost be to users? It was quoted from $50-$192 a month, that is a huge margin. We need definite numbers. Then we were told the other four districts or phases may never be added to the sewer. Then how much would a few of us be paying? I think everyone should be put on at the same time, that way a lot of people are helping to pay for it, not just a few. An even better idea is to have every household in the Seeley L...

  • Stapleton – Stop Playing Childish Games

    C. Burt Caldwell, Missoula, Mont.|Jul 13, 2017

    It appears that our most recently elected Secretary of State has revised his job description to read, “Persecutor of perceived voter fraud in Missoula County, Montana – only Missoula County.” According to his letter in the Missoulian, Corey Stapleton thinks a single instance of possible fraud constitutes the need for him to make sarcastic, mis-leading statements about the Missoula County Elections Administration’s ability to run an election. Let’s put a few publicly available facts on the table (something Corey failed to do): First, there wer...

  • Home Again

    Heather Layman|Jul 13, 2017

    My eyes popped open this morning, and as I wiped the sleep from them, I read the alarm clock’s time, 5:39 a.m. I woke with a jolt realizing I was supposed to be at the barn over a half hour ago to help get a backcountry trip packed out before the mid-July heat pounded down from the sky. I pulled on my pants while brushing my teeth and putting my hair back in a ball cap, and I rushed out the door to the barn. The sweet morning smell mixed of grass, dew and horse greeted my nose, and I heard the morning routine in full swing at the barn, the s...

  • Chamber of Commerce Reboots

    Micah Drew, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - “Frankly, it was about to fold.” That was Cheryl Lewis’s comment on the old Seeley Lake Chamber of Commerce. Lewis, the newly elected chairperson, is one of the members breathing new life into the Chamber this year. Over the years, the Chamber has been involved in community affairs and events such as the Fourth of July and Winterfest. In recent years the enthusiasm and interest in the Chamber dwindled to just a member or two and “people were just tired,” according to Lewis. “We had to decide whether to let it die or bring it ba...

  • If You Can...Do It!

    Kelly Moore, Missoula County Extension -Family and Consumer Sciences Agent|Jul 13, 2017

    Food preservation opportunities abound! Most of us are willing to undergo the challenges of Montana's most frigid, snowy winter months just so that we may experience the pure joy of a productive tomato-laden, late summer and early fall. Since the beginning of time, climate, resources and availability have dictated our survival. The invention of various food preservation techniques, helped to guarantee the procreation of the species. Those who lived in frozen climates, dug into the ice to...

  • BLM Focus Groups to Discuss Recreation

    Bureau of Land Management|Jul 13, 2017

    MISSOULA – The Bureau of Land Management wants to hear the public’s opinions on what they think is great about the great outdoors. The BLM Missoula Field Office will hold a series of focus groups, engaging the public in a conversation about recreation management on BLM-administered public lands in Granite, Missoula and Powell counties. The focus groups—scheduled for July 14 and 15 in Seeley Lake, Greenough and Missoula—will be hosted by Colorado Mesa University’s Natural Resource Center and the BLM Missoula Field Office. “The idea behind the...

  • Open Chinese Market Unlikely to Directly Impact Local Ranchers

    Micah Drew, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    POTOMAC - Last month Montana U.S. Sen. Steve Daines announced that after a 13-year ban, the U.S. will once again be able to ship beef to China. "Montana beef will now be served on menus, plates and in Chinese households," Daines stated in a press release. "On my next trip to Beijing I look forward to seeing Montana beef on the menu." The measure reopening the markets is set to go into effect this month. Errol Rice, Executive Vice President of the Montana Stockgrowers Association stated, "We are...

  • Three Churches Join to Lead Bob Marshall Community Worship

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE – The local churches are leaving their walls and joining together to lead a worship service Sunday morning, July 16 to close out the Bob Marshall Music Festival. Led by Gary Wayne, Pastor of Faith Chapel and a nine-piece worship band comprised of three Seeley Lake churches, the intent is two-fold: to continue to unify the local churches and share the love of Jesus Christ with all the attendees. Several large music festivals around the country include a Sunday morning service as a p...

  • Self Examination...It's Tough

    Buzz Busby, Elder Condon Community Church|Jul 13, 2017

    One of the most challenging actions a person can take is to thoroughly examine themselves in the light of Scripture. Isn’t it always easier to point out the shortcomings of others rather than truly recognize the problems with ourselves? Self-examination is a Biblical principal. 2 Corinthians 13:5 states: “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you-unless, of course, you fail the test?” Jesus made it very plain that self-inspection is part of the Christian life when...

  • Ross Herman Friede 1935 ~ 2017

    Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - Ross H. Friede, 82, of Seeley Lake passed away of natural causes Wednesday, July 5 at St. Patrick's Hospital in Missoula, Montana surrounded by family. Ross was born June 18, 1935 on the family farm outside of Zurich, Mont., 13 miles from Chinook. He recently celebrated 62 years of marriage with his wife Lacene M. Galbraith Friede. His parents were Herman W. Friede and Grace V. Hutchinson Friede. He was educated at Zurich and Chinook schools and was a member of the Montana... Full story

  • For the Love of Cars

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - Thirteen cars filled the Parts Plus parking lot in Seeley Lake Saturday, July 8 for the fourth annual Seeley Lake Show and Shine Car Show. The event was started by a group of friends from Great Falls that enjoy getting together and driving their vehicles. Three car-owners from the group brought their vehicles, the rest were from the area including Seeley Lake, Dutton and Lincoln. Randy Shaw traveled from Lincoln with his old Pro Stock Centerline built by Willie Rells. In the...

  • Stroll to Clearwater Lake

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    At A Glance Length: Trailhead to the Lake - 0.25 miles. Well-established trail around the lake, 1.9 miles. Elevation: Trailhead: 4,950 feet; Lake: 4,800 feet Directions: Turn east off Highway 83 onto the Morrell-Clearwater Road north of Seeley Lake. Drive three miles and take a left at the US Forest Service Road #4270 Clearwater Lake Loop Road. Follow for another three miles to the trailhead. Since the road is a loop, continue from the trailhead to the north seven miles until reaching Highway... Full story

  • Bringing Beauty to Barren Lands

    Randi de Santa Anna|Jul 13, 2017

    If you have ever hiked into a year-old burn, you most likely know what fireweed looks like. The appearance of its tall, pink flowers covering the recently blackened slopes is as reliable as the appearance of morel mushrooms. Fireweed, Chamerion augustifolium, is in the Evening Primrose Family. Its skinny seedpods produce thousands of fluffy seeds, but its most effective means of spreading is through its persistent underground rhizomes. The good news is that if fireweed gets established in your v...

  • Community Briefs

    Jul 13, 2017

    Human-Caused Fires Start Local Fire Season SEELEY LAKE – The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Clearwater Unit has responded to four human-caused fires since July 1. Fireworks caused three of the fires. None of them grew more than an acre. The Woodworth Fire started July 5 off Woodworth Road. It grew to 1.3 acres before being controlled. The cause is still under investigation. "Things are QUICKLY drying out and fire danger is rapidly increasing," wrote DNRC Fire Unit S...

  • The Music of the 2017 Bob Marshall Music Festival

    Micah Drew, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - When festival organizer Chris Stout thought about what kind of music he wanted to bring to Seeley Lake, he decided that it should be an eclectic mix that would appeal to the widest variety of people. This year, he assembled 17 bands from 12 different states. Here is a look at the range of bands playing at this year's Bob Marshall Music Festival. Deer Tick Deer Tick has been electrifying the music scene for more than a decade. The five-member blues-infused alternative rock band from...

  • Homegrown Montana Bands Play the Bob Marshall

    Micah Drew, Pathfinder|Jul 13, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - Bands are coming from as far as the Atlantic Coast to play at the Bob Marshall Music Festival. The Pathfinder reached out to a couple of bands that only have to travel down a highway or two to get here. Matt Strachan and the Hoot Owls Helena-based country rocker. Matt Strachan has been part of the music scene for the last 13 years. He has played solo gigs and as part of various ensembles around Montana and the country. His current ensemble, the Hoot Owls, released their latest album in October. The Pathfinder spoke to Strachan...