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  • Valley elementary schools discuss switching to a four-day school week

    Keely Larson, Editor|Mar 28, 2024

    Both Seeley Lake and Swan Valley Elementary School Boards are discussing switching to a four-day school week. A couple nearby schools — Seeley Lake High School and Potomac School being two examples — have adopted the four-day school week schedule, and statewide, as of 2022, 222 schools operate four days a week out of 826 total schools, according to the state Office of Public Instruction. Staff, board members and parents at both elementary schools are weighing the pros and cons of making the switch. Factors like better staff retention and rec...

  • Election information for the Seeley-Swan, few local seats remain open and a new House District for Seeley Lake

    Keely Larson, Editor|Mar 28, 2024

    Ballots this year will include a variety of political representatives for people in the Seeley-Swan Valley to choose from as the calendar rolls closer to primary elections, and some opportunities for people to get involved in local boards or districts. So far, it doesn't look like voters in the Seeley-Swan will have any special district or school board elections to vote in, though the school board candidate filing period is open until March 28. Ballot language for things like levies could also b... Full story

  • Community water rights lead the conversation at Swan Community Council

    Jean Pocha, Reporter|Mar 28, 2024

    The monthly Swan Valley Community Council Meeting on March 19 had reports from the Swan Valley Volunteer Fire Department and the Forest Service. In addition, special guest speaker Jim Nave from Montana’s Department of Natural Resources and Conservation discussed water rights in the Swan Valley. “The Swan Valley is one of the only basins in Montana that still has surface water rights available,” Nave said. “Other basins are closed for new surface water rights.” The Swan Basin encompasses the Swan River drainage to its confluence with Flathead...

  • Senior Center, best ever fundraiser

    Senior Center Board of Directors|Mar 28, 2024

    The Seeley Senior Center would like to thank the Lion’s Club and the Leos for all their help making our St. Patty’s fundraiser the best one ever! We would like to thank everyone who attended and helped. We would also like to thank Rod Stevens and his friends who generously donated to the center. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, The Board of Directors...

  • "I do believe, help my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24)

    Diana Taylor, Defendress of the Catholic Faith|Mar 28, 2024

    Holy Thursday: At the Lord's Supper approximately 2,000 years ago, Jesus instituted His Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for Holy Communion with Him: Jesus said the blessing, broke the bread saying, "This is my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me," giving His Apostles the power to offer His Sacrifice as validly ordained Priests. Jesus gave thanks, gave them the cup saying, "This is my blood...which will be shed for many for the forgiveness of sins." Approaching death, Jesus spoke literally with emphasis, clarity and repeti...

  • Fitzpatrick announced for reelection

    John Fitzpatrick|Mar 28, 2024

    John Fitzpatrick, who represented House District 77, including Anaconda and Granite County in the 2023 Legislature, announced on March 10 that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination to represent new House District 76. The Legislative Redistricting Commission radically altered the boundaries of several legislative seats in southwestern Montana. It created HD 76 by combining the Georgetown Lake area, where Fitzpatrick resides, with all of Granite and Powell Counties along with the Seeley Lake area of Missoula County and Canyon Creek...

  • Soup's on!

    Kelly Moore, Missoula County Extension FCS|Mar 28, 2024

    Soup’s on is an iconic call to come eat what’s been prepared. I am fascinated with food history! I quickly learned from a Google search that the phrase comes from a German word “sup, or suppa,” meaning some kind of hot broth meant for soaking bread. The phrase “soup’s on,” or “soup’s up” no longer refers exclusively to soup, however. Soup is no longer described simply, as a broth. Now there are countless varieties from which to choose: hot, cold, commercially canned, homemade, spicy, sweet, savory, with pasta, rice, beans, vegetables, etc. It...

  • Seeley Lake, A history of grit and resilience

    Tom Browder, Seeley Lake Historical Society|Mar 28, 2024

    When our community faces difficult times like these, it can help to look back at our history and see how tough and resilient we have been. Looking at the photos and exhibits in the Historical Museum at the Barn shows what the people who built Seeley Lake went through, and how we became what we are today. In the early 20th century, when the first major timber sale took place in Seeley, loggers worked under conditions hard to imagine today. We have photos of winter camps, since trees were cut during the winter and logs skidded to the frozen...

  • Montana BPA 2024 State Leadership Conference; three Seeley High students competed

    Michele Holmes, Seeley Swan High School|Mar 28, 2024

    The 2024 Montana BPA State Leadership Conference was held in Billings on March 12-15. One thousand three hundred and thirty five students and local chapter advisors from the middle level and secondary level attended in a spirit of friendship and goodwill. BPA Montana Association assisted the members through participation in the areas of competitive events, leadership, community development and professionalism. Students from 101 Montana schools demonstrated their knowledge in business and...

  • Blackhawk wins 300-meter hurdles

    Keely Larson, Editor|Mar 28, 2024

    Seeley-Swan track and field athletes took on the Blue Devil Invitational in Corvallis on March 23. The Blackhawk men and women varsity teams competed in shot-put, discus, javelin, hurdles, the 100-meter dash, high jump, the 1,600 meter dash and a relay race. The Blue Devil Invitational included class A, B and C schools. "When you place in one of those, it's a big deal," Coach Mike Haines said. Coach Haines said the Blackhawk's track and field teams are pretty young, and not as many athletes are...

  • Archives

    Pathfinder Staff|Mar 28, 2024

    Thirty-five years ago … Thursday March 30, 1989 Records show February ‘89 coldest month in years SWAN VALLEY — Precipitation recorded at Lindbergh Lake in January was above normal, while February precipitation was about average according to weather observer Marty Kux. The most snowfall measured “on the ground” at Lindbergh Lake this winter so far was still about 34 inches of the white stuff on the ground. As he explained the weather data collected during the past two months, Kux noted that last month turned out to be the coldest February...

  • The Ides of March - or, what's an ide, anyway?

    Chuck Stranahan|Mar 28, 2024

    For a few days recently it has seemed like spring. Maybe it is. On the Ancient Roman Calendar the Ides of March occur on March 15. Winter is supposed to separate from spring precisely on March 15, according to the ancient Romans. They never made it to Montana. On the Modern Montanan Calendar the days of winter and spring bounce around on both sides of March 15. We take the spring weather when we can get it. "Beware the Ides of March," one Shakespearian character said, and when that line was...