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  • Pyramid Lumber Mill to close, ending 75 years as a family owned business

    Keely Larson, Editor|Mar 21, 2024

    Pyramid Lumber Mill announced on March 14 that it will cease operations and close, ending 75-years in operation as a family-owned business and four generations as Seeley Lake's largest employer. In a press release from the mill, Pyramid Lumber listed labor shortages, lack of housing, rising costs, "plummeting" lumber prices and cost of living in western Montana as factors that "crippeled Pyramid's ability to operate." The company's board of directors and shareholders voted unanimously at their...

  • Seeley Elementary Superintendent to leave following the school year

    Keely Larson, Editor|Mar 21, 2024

    Seeley Lake Elementary School Superintendent Josh Gibbs will step away from his position at the end of this school year. His contract ends June 30. After four years at Seeley Elementary, Gibbs is taking a position as the principal at the high school in Colombia Falls, which he said is a step up in his career, but is also closer to both his and his wife's families in the Flathead area. "I love it here in Seeley Lake and I think the school and the teachers, all the staff, we've made great gains...

  • Seeley Community Council Meeting highlights, proposed garbage dump schedule changes

    Jean Pocha, Reporter|Mar 21, 2024

    Proposed schedule changes at the garbage dump, Special Management Area updates and a forestry report on treatments at local campgrounds rounded out the Seeley Lake Community Council meeting on March 11. Garbage dump schedule change A proposed schedule change for the Seeley Lake Refuse Collection Site, or the garbage dump, led the Seeley Lake Community Council meeting. A 2020-2023 study of the number of site visits per day showed that Sunday had the highest number of site visits at 37%, Wednesday 33% and Saturday at 30%. The proposed new...

  • A legacy lost: Seeley Lake mill and the urgent need for affordable housing

    Mike Marshall Seeley Lake|Mar 21, 2024

    For 75 years, our family-run lumber mill, Pyramid Mountain Lumber, has been a cornerstone of Seeley Lake. They've weathered economic storms, provided jobs for generations and supplied lumber that built countless homes across Montana. Now, facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge — the lack of affordable housing — they are on the verge of shutting down. The irony is gut-wrenching. They offer good wages, a stable work environment and the satisfaction of contributing to Montana's infrastructure. Yet, they can't find enough qualified wor...

  • Gratefulness for the bathroom

    Alan Muskett MD|Mar 21, 2024

    In our younger years we can be awakened by a frightened child, or the on-call phone dagger from the ER or ICU. As we "mature" (get old, fall apart, what-happened-to-me), that renting of our dream cloud is more likely an insistent ringtone from the bladder. So there you are, cozy, maybe the room and the floor aren't so cozy. After a period of deliberation, sometimes lengthy, an impulsive toddle to the bathroom ensues. Now imagine this occurring on a boat. The little boat bathroom can't be used...

  • Naming the pain in preparation of Holy Week

    Pastor Carrie Benton|Mar 21, 2024

    Church, Know Thyself Acts 17:27-28a (NLT) “His purpose was for the nations to seek after God and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him — though he is not far from any one of us. For in him we live and move and exist.” If we want to know more fully who God is, we need to dig deeper into understanding ourselves. As the French Reformation-era theologian John Calvin put it: “Without knowledge of self, there is no knowledge of God. Our wisdom, insofar as it ought to be deemed true and solid wisdom, consists almost entirely of two parts:...

  • Archives

    Pathfinder Staff|Mar 21, 2024

    Thirty-five years ago ... Thursday March 30, 1989 Records show February '89 coldest month in years SWAN VALLEY– Precipitation recorded at Lindbergh Lake in January was above normal, while February precipitation was about average according to weather observer Marty Kux. The most snowfall measured "on the ground" at Lindbergh Lake this winter so far was still about 34 inches of the white stuff on the ground. As he explained the weather data collected during the past two months, Kux noted that l...

  • Dancing is good medicine, Supaman performs in the Seeley-Swan Valley

    Keely Larson, Editor|Mar 21, 2024

    Dressed in traditional regalia with a sound mixer, projector and speakers set up in the Seeley Lake Elementary School gymnasium, Christian Parrish Takes The Gun said good morning to his audience. "Are you happy?" Parrish Takes The Gun, a member of the Apsáalooke tribe, asked. "Yeah!" the Seeley Elementary students replied. "Turn to your neighbor, shake their hand, and say I'm glad you're happy," Parrish Takes The Gun said. A moderately muffled but in-tandem response floated through the...

  • Why do we eat?

    Camilla Petersen Family Practice Physician|Mar 21, 2024

    Why do we eat? What is the purpose of ingestion of each morsel that touches our mouth? Do we live to eat or eat to live? And ultimately, does food matter? The human body is a complex ecosystem made up of trillions of cells that need energy to function. However, energy itself is not enough. Similar to any economy of scale, our bodies need high-quality energy so it can be converted with utmost efficiency into differentiated products which in turn power a multitude of demanding and discerning organs. This high-paced, high-efficiency production...

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