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  • Walk lighter on the land, or demand more from it

    Will Kats|May 25, 2023

    Editor, One of the greatest things about the valley has always been its diversity, from its timber base to its wildlife. The complexity and abundance of both would be hard to dismiss for anything other than a great blessing. This abundance has supported and bolstered human life since man first set foot here. That is all changing. The timber base is being eroded away by a multitude of reasons. Disease, fire, logging, road widening and development. They are all contributing in one degree or another. the end result is a loss of habitat to... Full story

  • Response to Anderson - County Regulations Prohibitive

    Will Kats, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Apr 26, 2018

    I read Mr. Doug Anderson’s letter concerning the proposed Swan Mountain subdivision and the fact that its location preempts its inclusion in Missoula County’s permit system. If I understand him correctly, this fact will cause great harm to first responders in the future, due to shoddy construction. Mr. Anderson states that after 2006, when the building permit system was implemented countywide, thanks to this much needed program, buildings are safer and the result is less demand on first responders. That may or may not be true. We have a ten...