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  • Stop and look - A shift in perspective

    Thomas Beers, Missoula, Montana|Dec 24, 2020

    The following is a poem written by my girlfriend, Jasmine. I wanted to share it as I believe it captures our adventures in and around the beautiful mountains surrounding Seeley Lake, but also is a reminder to stop and look at life from a different perspective. Thomas Beers The Pair That Started Everything By: Jasmine Schreckendgust Awake Dive into you and feel immediate comfort Vast country awaits Each memory starts with you Now begin my gray and blue Take my feet Unwrap this earth Right beneath me Each step unravels The First True Test Open th...

  • Who will represent all of us?

    Thomas Beers, Placid Lake, Montana|Oct 8, 2020

    When I looked out the window this morning, the fog was partially concealing our valley. As the sun rose, the fog lifted and I was staring in awe at the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows that greet us most mornings in the fall when you live in this magnificent valley. Since I was a boy in the 50’s, I have always greatly valued waking up to the ever-changing beauty of our vista at Placid Lake. I always knew that Placid Lake would someday be my home. Don’t we all value the beauty of the vistas we experience wherever we are in the See...