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  • Hibernation: What's going on for grizzly bears in winter?

    Tatum McConnell, Vital Ground Communications Intern|Mar 26, 2020

    Making your bed can be a pain and nobody knows that better than the grizzly bear. Each fall a grizzly moves an incredible one ton of material to make its den. By December, bears in the Northern Rockies are taking full advantage of their cozy winter homes, settled into a long slumber before emerging in March or April. The first bears are already out and about, but before we welcome them back, let's pause to consider the science of their winter sleep. It's commonly referred to as hibernation-but...

  • How grizzly bears' digging shapes mountain meadows

    Tatum McConnell, Vital Ground|Nov 7, 2019

    We climbed up Napa Point, approaching the tree line as the forest thinned, a few ambitious Doug firs and whitebark pines clinging onto the ridgeline. I was surprised to see a heavy layer of snow in May, and a bit perturbed, having not thought to bring my gaiters. I was participating in Swan Valley Connection's (SVC) Wildlife in the West program, taking nine credits on wildlife conservation and ecology. Today we were out with SVC's conservation director, Luke Lamar, to learn about the plight of...

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