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  • Clean trail makes for smooth ride

    Steve and Cheri Thompson, Seeley Lake, Montana|May 27, 2021

    SEELEY LAKE - With the departure of snow on the Dog Town trail, the residual of snow plowing and graveling was most evident. Tuesday, May 8, the Missoula County road crew swept the whole trail from the Dog Town bridge to Highway 83. I’m sure that we speak for the many kids (young and old) who walk, bike, scooter and skateboard on the trail that we are all very happy that the winter “leftovers” are now gone and we have a nice shiny, clean trail. Yeah!!...

  • Bringing the joy of Halloween back to Riverview Drive

    Steve and Cheri Thompson, Seeley Lake, Montana|Nov 5, 2020

    Isn’t it great that Halloween 2020 was last week and not one week ago? Imagine all of those little fairies, goblins and pirates dragging their soggy costumes through 14 inches (I know there are reports of upwards of 20 inches but let’s just settle on 14 inches - that’s enough for October) of October snow. Those adorable “Halloweeners” would be wallowing through Seeley Lake’s “entry into winter” and slowly dragging their costumed selves through the slop and making their way to the next “trick or treat” location. We would like to thank all t...

  • Thank you for the vision – Let's get behind this!

    Steve and Cheri Thompson, Seeley Lake, Mont.|May 23, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - Steve and I want to commend our new Ranger Quinn Carver for the opportunity to work alongside the Forest Service this last Wednesday. Allowing for firewood gathering prior to the community clean-up day, helped with reducing the amount of material that had to be moved and stacked for the opening of the campground. Thank you for your vision. On another note, we were disappointed with the amount of help that came from the business community. I am sure that there was a breakdown in communication and am sure that this will be remedied...

  • More history on the Seeley Lake Biathlon

    Steve and Cheri Thompson, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Feb 14, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - I thought that I would expand just a bit on your article from last week as to the history of the Seeley Lake Biathlon. Having a biathlon was the brain child of Lynn Carey. He spoke of the fun of participating in such a race out of Missoula years before with instruction from his mentor Werner Probst, a transplant from Germany and a former biathlete. He got Steve and I excited as to the possibilities and how a biathlon would complement the culture of Seeley Lake. As your article indicated, the first race in 2008 was sponsored by...