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  • Republican voter suppression agenda is un-American

    Senator Bryce Bennett-D, Senate District 50 - Missoula, Montana|Apr 15, 2021

    Voters turned out in record numbers in 2020. Hundreds-of-thousands of folks in our state cast their ballots and exercised their most fundamental right as an American. Unfortunately, Republicans across the nation and here in Montana are working around the clock to take that right away. Today there are 361 bills introduced across 47 states to make it harder for eligible American voters to cast a ballot. In Arizona, Republican lawmakers responded to election losses by quickly introducing a voter suppression bill to make it harder for rural,...

  • My Plan to Clean Up the Corruption and Incompetence of the Secretary of State's Office

    Senator Bryce Bennett, Missoula, Montana|Oct 22, 2020

    Over the last four years, our Secretary of State’s office has become plagued with incompetence and corruption under the leadership of Corey Stapleton and Christi Jacobsen. Under their mismanagement we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars given away in contracts to their top donors, hiring of family members into their administration, criminal abuse of state owned vehicles, an absolute failure to plan for the challenges of COVID-19 and much more. This November - we can clean up this mess. I’ve spent my career bringing Repub...

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