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  • Motor vehicle accident tips to help maintain safety

    Seeley Lake Fire Chief Dave Lane, Seeley Lake Rural Fire District|Aug 4, 2022

    Summer has arrived and the seasonal population influx around Seeley Lake has also arrived. The campgrounds and outdoor activities are much more active as the community grows. The increased movement increases our highway traffic. Visitors unfamiliar with our scenic roads will not be as attentive toward driving, as people tend to look at surroundings rather than focusing on the road. Motor vehicle accidents happen. Should an accident occur please consider the following: • Call 911 immediately and emergency crews will respond. • If you are inv...

  • What do you to know about Carbon Monoxide alarms?

    Seeley Lake Fire Chief Dave Lane, Seeley Lake Rural Fire District|Feb 24, 2022

    Carbon Monoxide alarms are not smoke detectors! Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It is the biproduct of incomplete combustion and it may be found in smoke. CO is in the air that we breath, this means that our bodies can handle low levels of exposure. At higher levels this gas is deadly to humans. It is known as the “silent killer” because people cannot tell when they are around it. The Carbon Monoxide Detector is a safety device that can alert homeowners of a CO leak and help them escape a potentially lif...

  • Make plans for

    Seeley Lake Fire Chief Dave Lane, Seeley Lake Rural Fire District|Sep 16, 2021

    As the seasons change, the town is slowing down. Now is the time to start thinking about preparing for the winter weather. Make sure that your skirting is intact and pipes are well insulated. Also, having your furnace serviced and chimney/stove pipe inspected and cleaned will help prevent a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Travel may be difficult at times so prepare your vehicle for the season. Carry an extra blanket and some road flares. In addition to signaling for help, they may be an ignition source for starting a campfire for heating. An...

  • Questions for Fire Board Candidates

    Seeley Lake Fire Chief Dave Lane, Seeley Lake, Montana|Apr 15, 2021

    I have a couple questions of the candidates that I would like answered to the public. 1. Pohlman and McLean sent out cards in the mail with the words Accountability, Transparency, Community Safety, Community Advocacy and Community Voice. First, where is the transparency when you ask people to ask questions in private? You want people to email questions to you and the answers are not public. Also, what group are you advocating for? What is your cause? The current Fire Board and Administration encourage the community to speak for themselves and...

  • From the Fire Chief's desk

    Seeley Lake Fire Chief Dave Lane, Seeley Lake Rural Fire District|Apr 15, 2021

    As the temperature warms, it is tempting to take advantage of the last days for ice fishing, do a little skating, or ice sailing for this season. Please be cautious and be aware of your surroundings. Soon the ice will begin to move and shift on the lakes making noises. Pay attention to the noises, this means that the ice is melting from below the surface. Should somebody or something fall through the ice and become submerged, be aware that the water below the surface is moving. Whatever fell...