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  • My Own Reality

    Sara Stevenson, Seeley-Swan High School - 9th grade|Feb 28, 2019

    Here I am in reality. I turn the page, and I'm in the forest. Trees lightly dusted with white powdered sugar. Wearing just pajamas and slippers, I start walking. I saunter over logs, Under low branches. I see squirrels scurrying up and down trees, Deer chomping on snow covered needles. I stop walking and look back. My footprints have disappeared within the new fallen snow. I start running. Not knowing what I'm running from, just knowing that I need to escape it. I hear the muffled thump of foots...

  • 25 Years of the Seeley Lake Trailblazers!

    Sara Stevenson, Member Seeley Lake Trailblazers|Apr 20, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - Come one, come all to the Seeley Lake Trailblazers' 25th anniversary dinner! On Saturday, April 29, the 4-H club will be having a spaghetti dinner with salad, bread and a dessert auction, including Kelly Hoag's delicious pies, at the Seeley Lake Community Hall. Doors open at 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. There is no set fee but per-plate donations are very appreciated. This party was made possible by Nichole Hahn, a long-standing member of the 4-H club. Hahn has been in 4-H for six years and s...

  • SLE Jumps into Multimedia

    Sara Stevenson, Seeley Lake Elementary, Grade 7|Nov 3, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE – One of the elective choices for fifth to eighth graders at Seeley Lake Elementary (SLE) is Multimedia. Mrs. Michele Holmes, the technology teacher at SLE, formed the class in 2005-6 because her oldest daughter, Ashley Holmes, thought that the school needed a yearbook. Mrs. Holmes has done the elective ever since then and each quarter is a new topic. For first quarter the topic is photography, second is usually videography, third is sale techniques and fourth quarter is making a...

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