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  • Business People - Stand Up and Be Counted

    S. Akane, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Aug 31, 2017

    Potential residential customers outnumber commercial in the Seeley Lake Sewer District nine to one. So for every commercial customer who would pay $104 per month, NINE residents will pay $71 per month. Those are the preliminary cost estimates for monthly sewer service put out last week at the Sewer Board’s show. The Sewer District boundaries were drawn back in the 1980s to reflect the lowest per-capita-income possible to better-qualify their project for federal funding. So, stated another way: the lowest income residents in the district are c...

  • More Questions

    S. Akane, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Jun 29, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - The Seeley Lake Sewer Board continues to ignore district residents’ desire to not pursue a central sewer. It is beyond me how the Board can void a legal election in which we said NO to the sewer project last December. I thought we had to vote on any bond debt we assume...isn’t this taxation without representation? I live in Sub-district 2. That is mostly the lakeshore homes and businesses west of Highway 83N. But I live EAST of the elementary school in (what the Board decided) is one of the lowest income areas of the sewer dis...