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 By Ryan Dailey    Opinion    June 9, 2022

Why are you downcast, O my soul?

Have you ever had these moments in your life where you find yourself pleading and begging to understand why you are downcast? Well the Psalmist who wrote Psalms 42 definitely has. I often find myself...

 By Ryan Dailey    Opinion    March 10, 2022

The importance of the local church

Why is the local church so important to believers in Christ? Can't I stay home and listen to a sermon, pray by myself or go outside and worship through the beauty of nature? Yes, in fact, you can, but...


From beginning to beginning

"In the beginning..." You might be thinking the next words in this quote are: "...God created the heavens and the earth." But today we will be finishing the quote in the gospel of John. Often, when...


The pursuit of joy

The world around us is obsessed with the pursuit of happiness. But what if I told you I had no interest in the pursuit of happiness but am instead more interested in the pursuit of joy? Let me...

 By Ryan Dailey    Opinion    June 10, 2021

Counting the cost

If you wanted to go on a trip to Seattle today, would you be able to drop everything and make it there and back okay? Before going, you would have to check to make sure you have fuel, money, a decent...

 By Ryan Dailey    Opinion    March 11, 2021

Care for creation

Lilies and Sparrows... That most likely means nothing to you right now, but it will soon. I've been using the phrase "lilies and sparrows" for years now to encourage myself and my wife. Whenever...


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