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  • What a mess!

    Rev. Jon Bergen, Seeley Lake Baptist Church|Oct 19, 2023

    Two big events recently are the Afghan earthquake and the Israel/Hamas conflict. There is still the Ukraine situation ongoing but out of the spotlight for the moment. Sadly, the devastation in the earthquake has been overshadowed by the Israel/Hamas conflict. The death toll will probably never be known as the area is burying the dead almost as fast as they are found. Prayers for the Afghan people in that area are most appropriate. Honestly, I’m not sure where to start with a response. Perhaps best to start with the problem, it’s that crazy old...

  • Thought for the day

    Rev. Jon Bergen, Seeley Lake Baptist Church|Sep 21, 2023

    I bought a used snowblower on a 78 degree day. End of summer in Montana, I think we spend six months planning for winter and six months living winter. Everyone is buying, cutting, splitting and stacking firewood in anticipation of snowy cold weather. Amazing. Last week it was 9-11, a day that lives in our memories and we all have stories to tell about where we were and thoughts evoked as the news got out. After that day, the thoughts that have woven their way throughout our society and way we live, are interesting to contemplate. There are...

  • A passage on freedom

    Rev. Jon Bergen, Seeley Lake Baptist Church|Jun 29, 2023

    The Fourth of July is coming between now and the time the next edition of the paper comes out so thought that would be a journey worth taking. As I write this Juneteenth has just happened. I think this is a worthy celebration as we consider those that were enslaved in the past. I’m just trying to figure how it went from a local Texas holiday, to a national one, well worthy of recognition because the slaves in Texas were finally notified on that day almost two and a half years after they were actually free. Freedom matters. After living in S...

  • No matter where we go, there we are

    Rev. Jon Bergen, Pastor, Seeley Lake Baptist Church|Jan 5, 2023

    Rev. Jon Bergen has moved from Scotland to be the new minister at Seeley Lake Baptist Church beginning Jan. 1. Ahead of starting his new position, he shared some thoughts on celebrating “Hogmany” and his anticipation of building new relationships in Seeley Lake in 2023. Christmas is past and the New Year is about to begin. Happy Hogmany (Scottish for New Years Eve), it may be a wee while before I say that and people understand what I mean. As the new year starts, I’ll be starting my new adventure in Seeley Lake, Montana. A new year, a new l...