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  • Experience matters

    Representative Mike Hopkins House District 92, Missoula, Montana|Oct 22, 2020

    If you got a mailer attacking my opponent, for the record that is not from me, and I disavow it. I do not do attack mailers, never have and never will. The interest earned off the current principle of the Coal Tax Trust Fund currently funds over 15 different programs in Montana. Those dollars back up Montana’s retirement systems, Montana’s schools, Montana’s Agriculture and infrastructure across the state just to name a few. Every session legislators try to spend that principle on all kinds of things, but Democrats in the legislature have done...

  • Thank you House District 92

    Representative Mike Hopkins House District 92, Missoula, Mont.|Nov 29, 2018

    Thank you to the people of House District 92 for giving me the opportunity to continue serving you in the State Legislature. I really love working for the people of this district and I look forward to going to back to Helena in January and building on the work that we accomplished last session. I sincerely appreciate all the people who knocked on doors, hosted our campaign signs, made phone calls and donated to our campaign. I also want to thank Lee Bridges. Lee and her team ran a great race and I think it’s a large part of the reason why we h...

  • My plans if re-elected

    Representative Mike Hopkins House District 92, Missoula, Mont.|Oct 25, 2018

    In my previous letter, I talked about what we did in the last legislative session. For the next two letters, I wanted to talk about what I plan to do if re-elected to continue serving you in the Legislature. First and foremost, we need to repair the damage to the State Budget from the Special Session. We need to repair the Health and Human services budget, that’s case management, that’s early intervention, disability services and Medicaid Reimbursement rates. We also need to repair the Higher Education budget. The good news is that the Gov...

  • My record speaks for its self

    Representative Mike Hopkins House District 92, Missoula, Mont.|Oct 18, 2018

    Absentee ballots are out! Its been a long campaign year and while my opponents’ staffers have now decided to send out attack ads lying about my record, I am still proud that our race for HD92 has for the most part been a really civil race. Campaigns are hard. People on both sides put their heart and soul into trying to get their candidate elected and sometimes they feel like attacking their opponent is the best way to elect their candidate. I am proud that throughout this campaign and the 2016 campaign, I have never put together a single a...