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  • Swan Valley Connections announces new leadership

    Rebecca Ramsey, Outgoing Executive Director|Jan 18, 2024

    The Board of Directors of Swan Valley Connections (SVC) is pleased to announce a new leadership team following the departure of Executive Director Rebecca Ramsey. The organization is restructuring to welcome three managing directors to lead SVC into a more sustainable future. All three managing directors will guide the vision of the organization, with each managing director having an area of focus, and all three bearing responsibility for the success of programs, operations, and fundraising. The transition is in progress as of January 1, and...

  • Bear awareness during hunting season

    Rebecca Ramsey, Executive Director Swan Valley Connections|Sep 29, 2022

    Grizzly and black bears are found throughout our region and this is the time of year that bears are in hyperphagia. This is a time when bears increase their feeding activity driven by the need to fatten up before going into the den for the winter. Once they enter the den bears go without food and water for months. If they do not get enough to eat in the fall, the sows don’t produce cubs and some bears may even die of starvation. We try to remind people this time of year to really pay attention to containing any attractants around their home. K...

  • Practicing Hygge

    Rebecca Ramsey, Executive Director, Swan Valley Connections|Jan 4, 2018

    There is no direct translation for the Danish “hygge.” However the word comes from 16th century Scandinavia as a description of embracing and enjoying the winter months through coziness and togetherness. At Swan Valley Connections, we are feeling the need to practice hygge, rather than just hibernation, as we get dumped on with snow at the start of this winter season! Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is not just cozy, as in a fuzzy blanket and a glass of wine, but it is also interpersonally cozy, as in having a few people with you talking about iss...