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  • Start behaving yourselves

    Pat Caffrey, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Nov 29, 2018

    SEELEY LAKE - The community voted two-to-one to replace three of five Sewer Board members. Two of the new members quit out of frustration, leaving the other neutralized. The will of the community wanted an attitude change. That will has been overturned by the old guard. I encouraged consensus. I even volunteered for the board. I contacted all players for input. I have been increasingly shunned and ignored, many phone calls not returned and my candidacy bypassed without discussion or vote. I wish the Larson suit hadn’t been filed and that r...

  • A simple summary of the sewer situation

    Pat Caffrey, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Oct 11, 2018

    SEELEY LAKE - I investigated our Sewer situation. Here’s a simple summary: The county is not issuing septic permits where nitrate levels are elevated, so businesses and residents have turned on each other instead of building consensus. The Sewer Board is an extension of this division and is also now expected to serve as a community planning body of civic vision, a task outside its purview. County assumptions justifying a treatment plant are neither convincing nor dismissible. The county seems to be acting conscientiously but it has also f...

  • If the Sewer Benefits Everyone Then Have Everyone Chip In

    Pat Caffrey, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Sep 21, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - The underlying issue of the sewer proposal is Seeley Lake’s ability to sustain itself as a community. We have seen most private land around Seeley revert to government ownership, so the growth potential of the community is capped. Forces continue in play to depopulate the town. Forest management is decreasing, making it harder to manage large wildfires. Rivers run through them the color of chocolate milk. The impact of current septic systems on the lake seems speculative. Depends on whose definition of unacceptable impact you u...