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  • Question the source

    Mike McGrew, Seeley Lake, Montana|Feb 4, 2021

    After reading Roxie Sterling’s latest installment I am left in absolute awe of her access to “facts” not available to the average citizen whose sources of information are limited to such suspect tabloids as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times or, God forbid, that liberal rag the Missoulian. Perhaps she should have a regular column in which she enlightens the rest of us poor benighted souls with the truth of what is really happening in America. Maybe then we would learn the little-known facts of the moon-landing hoax, the dark forces that...

  • No dogs allowed

    Mike McGrew, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Jan 24, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - One of the best things about skiing in Seeley and being involved with the Nordic Club and the kids’ program is the people I get to meet. Those who are skiing have fun, are grateful for the Club keeping the trails in good shape and the parents and kids are appreciative of the time we spend helping their kids develop good skiing skills. Unfortunately, we occasionally run in to people who think they are “special.” A couple weeks ago, I encountered four showshoers who had three dogs with them at the trailhead. I told them in a diploma...

  • Response to Dog Ban on Seeley Lake Ski Trails

    Mike McGrew, President, Seeley Lake Nordic Club|Jan 14, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - I am writing in response to the letter in the Jan. 7 edition of the Pathfinder concerning the prohibition of dogs on the Seeley Creek Ski Trails. The ski trails are located on National Forest ground and are maintained by the Seeley Lake Nordic Club through a cooperative agreement with the Forest Service. The rule banning dogs on the trails comes from the Forest Service, not the ski club. However, the ski club is in agreement with this policy for several reasons. There are obvious safety concerns involving allowing dogs on our...