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  • Missoula Electric Cooperative's 2023 wildfire mitigation update

    Mark Hayden, MEC General Manager|Jul 20, 2023

    Smokey skies, scratchy throats and watery eyes are all too familiar to western Montanans during fire season. Although unwelcome, these inconveniences pale compared to the devastation wildfires can leave behind. Wildfire size, frequency and severity have risen year-over-year, prompting a critical response from electric utilities. Responsible for powering some of the nation’s most fire-prone, fuel-dense areas, MEC’s policies, programs and procedures must manage or reduce the risk of sys...

  • A Place for All

    Mark Hayden, Missoula Electric Cooperative|Feb 23, 2023

    Each year, the third Saturday in March is slated for Missoula Electric Cooperative’s (MEC’s) annual meeting. This year is no different when the Cooperative hosts their 87th annual meeting on Saturday, March 18. This meeting is not just important to the Cooperative’s Board of Trustees and employees, but it is also important to the Co-op’s owners, who are more commonly referred to as members. When a consumer signs up for electric service at MEC, they become a part-owner of the Cooperative –these consumers are known as members. Because MEC is a...


    Mark Hayden, General Manager Missoula Electric Cooperative

    The Fall is when cooperatives celebrate National Co-op Month. When I say Missoula Electric Cooperative celebrates Co-op Month, it really means we are celebrating YOU! After all, we wouldn't exist without you, our members. Some of the most recognizable brands are cooperatives, like ACE Hardware, State Farm, REI and Land O'Lakes. Although we span different industries, we all have a passion for serving our members and helping our communities thrive. In fact, all cooperatives adhere to the same set...