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 By Lash Ashmore    Opinion    April 8, 2021

Disdain for science keeps us in the past

To The Editor: The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides a definition of “relic” as “a trace of some past or outmoded practice or belief. That, I believe aptly describes Dale Terrillion and his contribution in the letters to the Pathfinder...


Local candidate Tom Browder generates excitement

With the vitriol and enmity permeating politics on the national level it is easy to become jaded and disengage. It often seems that we are relegated to choosing the least onerous candidate. It is difficult to get enthused. Fortunately, for a change,...

 By Lash Ashmore    Opinion    June 11, 2020

Please, be more productive with your time

I fail to see the value in Roxie Sterling’s frequent, vitriolic diatribes denigrating democrats. We know all too well where she stands on the issues facing this country. Her incessant belittling of people and their opinions, that do not concur...


Sterling adds humor

I have always believed that a good laugh is excellent therapy for a multitude of ailments. Because of that belief I wish to thank you for the occasional humor column you have added to the Pathfinder. I am of course referencing the letters from Roxie...


One Nation Under God in Pledge of Allegiance Since 1954

The Dec. 17, 2015 issue of the Pathfinder contained a letter from Larry Dillree. While I don’t agree with everything that is contained in that letter, I know Mr. Dillree to be a good man. It appears that Larry has a false memory (as we all do...


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