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  • Psychological Perspectives: Purpose in the universe or human Nature

    Ken Silvesto|Aug 3, 2023

    Readers might have trouble hearing that a number of scientists consider the universe to have a purposeful way. The universe, or the cosmos, refers to all of nature, both that which is visible and not. So, let’s explore this idea of a purposeful universe. It’s not only scientists but many people from other areas of life that hold this view as well. It’s an attractive idea since so many people want something other than themselves involved in their lives and in nature too. We often hear religious people describe the purpose brought to them from...

  • Psychological Perspectives

    Ken Silvesto|Jun 22, 2023

    During the early Greek period the word psyche was introduced. Psyche meant soul. Soul was considered something beyond human experience, belonging to the realm of the goddesses and gods; therefore, soul transcended human nature. Over the centuries, as psychology developed, the word psyche took on a more expansive meaning. It didn’t just mean soul but now included all of psychology. So, soul became associated with psychology and not the realm of goddesses and gods, yet the transcendent association remained. This meant that human psychology includ...