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  • Building bridges on mutual respect

    John Brian Driscoll, Helena, Mont.|May 7, 2020

    Beyond restarting POW-MIA recovery operations, we must heal our country and adapt to our earth. Healing means building trust and ending graft, the unscrupulous use of public office for personal advantage. By disqualifying candidates who accept donations larger than the $1740 filing fee, I hope to unburden officials from seeking financial benefactors. Healing requires building bridges of mutual respect with my fellow U.S. Senators. As an Abraham Lincoln Republican I look forward to serving with the Honorable Jon Tester as Montana’s Junior S...

  • Drawing The Scrupulous Line On Graft

    John Brian Driscoll for US Senate, Helena, Mont.|Apr 16, 2020

    A candidate for the United States Senate in Montana’s June 2 primary election has refused to accept campaign contributions during the reporting quarter ended March 31, 2020. He spent $2,474.73, which includes the $1,740 filing fee and expenses for driving to 43 of Montana’s 56 counties before the shelter in place order. He intends to draw the line on graft. John Brian Driscoll (R) also announced today, in a published essay titled “Backfire,” that during his general election campaign he will not accept from any donor more than the filing...

  • Send me to the Senate

    John Brian Driscoll, Helena, Mont.|Apr 9, 2020

    When you see an Ace of Hearts taped face-out in a window or on a door, or brass-tacked on a post or a tree, it means within, or passing nearby, is an American with courage and caring enough to respond to the call of duty to protect and defend our U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Scores of thousands of Montanans, in doing this, gave some and some gave all. From pictures of these Aces of Hearts in an album on my John Brian Driscoll Facebook page, you will see they ask nothing in return except effort by our nation to...