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  • Sewer budget and assessment

    Jean Curtiss, Seeley Lake Sewer District Manager|Apr 1, 2021

    Each year there is confusion regarding the budget for the Sewer District and the Annual Assessment Methodology that is sent to property owners with the cost of the assessment per parcel. I hope to explain the relationship between the two items and point out ways to be involved and give the Board input on the budget and plan of work before the budget is adopted. As you know, the qualified electors did not approve the bonds required to repay the loan portion of the project the District has been working toward for years. Therefore, at the March 18...

  • Sewer capacity set for growth

    Jean Curtiss, Seeley Lake Sewer District Manager|Jan 28, 2021

    Seeley Lake Sewer Board members have been hearing discussion in the community about the capacity of the wastewater treatment system designed to serve the Seeley Lake Sewer District. There seems to be a lack of information about the capacity. Great West Engineering wrote a Technical Memorandum as a design report to submit to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The preferred alternative chosen by the District Board was a sequential batch reactor (SBR) with groundwater infiltration galleries. In the Design Flow section of Technical Memo...

  • Stepping forward as District Manager

    Jean Curtiss, Missoula, Mont.|Feb 14, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - At the Sept. 24 work session of the Seeley Lake Sewer District Board, Great West Engineering gave a presentation and asked for a few decisions regarding the route of the main sewer line, etc. After the presentation, the three board members present Beth [Hutchinson], Troy [Spence] and Davy [Good] voted unanimously to instruct Great West to design the treatment plant and Phase 1 of the collection system to 90 percent. They had 120 days to submit those 90 percent plans to DEQ for approval. The Board expected the project to be approve...

  • Commissioner Curtiss proposes facilitator to get Seeley Lake Sewer back on track

    Commissioner Jean Curtiss, Missoula, Mont.|Aug 9, 2018

    Letter to the Community of Seeley Lake - I have worked with the Seeley Lake Sewer District Board for almost 18 years. The hard work of these dedicated volunteers has resulted in almost $16 M in grants and loans to fund this first phase of the project. The funders for the project are concerned that the project seems stalled. A majority of the property owners in the Seeley Lake Sewer District did not protest the proposed levy of special assessments for the district last November, giving the board the authority to go forward with the designed...

  • Curtiss Brings Experience and Common Sense to Commissioner Race

    Jean Curtiss, Missoula, Mont.|Apr 19, 2018

    I am running for Missoula County Commissioner because my experience and common sense leadership are needed now more than ever. I have a passion for Missoula County. I was born in Missoula and raised on a farm in the Swan. I graduated from Seeley-Swan High School. When I say I am going ‘up home’ - I am coming to this valley. When I drop down the hill to Salmon Lake, I am home. Seeley Lake is unique as it is unincorporated and yet has a sewer board, water board, fire board, cemetery board, hospital district and a volunteer fire department. I wor...

  • Vote for Dave Strohmaier

    Jean Curtiss, Missoula County Commissioner, Missoula, Mont.|May 26, 2016

    MISSOULA - Stacy’s latest political trick to do an op-ed on Missoula County’s new parental leave policy with her campaign photo and only her signature is a perfect example of a politician not a statesperson. This is just one more reason to vote for Dave Strohmaier, a qualified leader of integrity. She had only been in the appointed position for a short time when I realized how county staff and our partner agency representatives were looking at me with the same questions in their eyes- “What is it that she doesn’t like about my work? Does my...