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  • Letter regarding Elbow Lake

    Jane Grochowski|Jun 1, 2023

    Letter regarding Elbow Lake Commenters on the MT DNRC’s Elbow Lake gravel pit/asphalt plant proposal received notice on May 15 that it has been approved. The MT DEQ had already approved the permit, on April 27. In case you missed it earlier, this is the proposal by Kalispell-based LHC Inc. to establish a new 21-acre gravel pit and asphalt plant directly beside the Clearwater River, across the road from the Blackfoot-Clearwater Game Range, within a parcel designated Tier 1 Community Type of Greatest Conservation Need because it is grizzly and e... Full story

  • Concern over proposal for gravel pit testing

    Jane Grochowski, Elbow Lake resident, Montana|Dec 15, 2022

    Dear Editor, Elbow Lake leaseholders were surprised this week to receive from the DNRC a proposal for gravel pit testing in the vicinity. Surprised because (a) the proposal does not state the ultimate reason to conduct the test; (b) the comment period is short – ending on December 19; (c) the applicant is the very company (LHC) that applied for a gravel pit permit in 2017, in the same location. They faced significant opposition then – including in the pages of the Pathfinder – and ultimately chose to remove gravel from an existing pit elsew...

  • DNRC & FWP need to engage Elbow Lake landowners towards a solution

    Jane Grochowski, Greenough, Mont.|Oct 31, 2019

    ELBOW LAKE - I am a leaseholder at Elbow Lake, responding to the draft Environmental Assessment (EA) regarding the proposed removal of the Elbow Lake “dam” (more accurately “weir”). My lot is situated below the weir, so I may be personally less affected than some of my fellow Elbow Lake cabin owners. Nevertheless, while I support the goal of upstream bull trout passage, I am opposed to removal of the weir for the following reasons. 1. Elbow Lake has existed as a lake at least since the mid-1950s, when some of the first state leases were is...

  • Elbow Gravel Pit – Unwise and Unnecessary

    Jane Grochowski, Greenough, Mont.|Mar 9, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - I couldn’t agree more with Libby Langston and Douglas Waldron about the proposed Elbow Gravel Pit. It defies common sense to locate a gravel pit – with all the inherent noise and disruption – smack in the middle of a wildlife corridor. The scoping notice states the activity would occur “primarily” over three to six months but does not state the proposed hours of the activity. According to the Montana DEQ website, LHC holds six open cut permits: 2379, 1388, 1432, 2635, 2411, 650. Of the three that I scanned, one (2411) allows op...