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  • Montana lacks money to treat its most vulnerable residents

    Jan Anderson, Boulder Monitor|Aug 9, 2018

    Fran Sadowski has seen firsthand the dangers of limited options. During a study on services for "dually diagnosed" individuals with both developmental disabilities and mental illness, the CEO of Missoula Developmental Services Corporation shared the story of a 28-year-old client. The client was living in a community-based facility when he became seriously self-injurious. Because the state legislature had ordered the closure of the Montana Developmental Center in Boulder, there was no place for h...

  • Boulder Aims For a Brighter Future Economy

    Jan Anderson, Editor, Boulder Monitor|Feb 8, 2018

    BOULDER, MONT. – When the Montana legislature decided in 2015 that the Montana Developmental Center would close within two years, it was a blow to the community of Boulder. For more than 125 years, the MDC had been a major employer in the southwestern Montana town of about 1,300. The state's residential facility for individuals with developmental disabilities, the MDC employed roughly 250 people at the time of the closure decision. "Not only will the community's economy suffer extensively from t...

  • Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis

    Jan Anderson, Editor, Boulder Monitor|Jan 18, 2018

    Story & photos by Jan Anderson Editor, Boulder Monitor BOULDER, MONT – When fire destroyed two mobile homes in a Boulder trailer court and damaged two others in June 2016, it underscored what the community had known for years: affordable housing was at a premium. Calling the blocks of closely placed pre-1976 mobile homes "a ticking time bomb," Boulder Fire Chief Shane Maichel said the entire area could easily have gone up in flames, jeopardizing lives. It took five area fire departments to k...