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  • Legislation to keep us and our home healthy

    Gene Schade, Seeley Lake, Montana|Apr 15, 2021

    Here I am, with my second vaccine under a Band-aid on my arm, looking at the world with renewed hope. As I plan summer hikes, cold beer at hand, I trace routes near my home. I follow topographic lines near Morrell Mountain, Dunham Point, and Spread Mountain and look for areas of easy walking, routes that connect the landscape. This area, between Seeley Lake and Ovando, is my home. It is rich in wildlife. It is the birthplace of rivers. It is a working landscape too. These maps capture the heart of the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act...

  • Pumps - Raising Us All Up

    Gene Schade, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Nov 30, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - Some have criticized our planned sewer system for having pumps. Pumps are part of everyone’s lives, for example: How does your vehicle get its fuel? How do you get your water to your home? How is the Propane transferred from the supply truck to your propane tank? How does an airplane get its fuel to the engine? How does your refrigerator or freezer keep your food cold? Does your electrical generation require pumps? Generators, cooling systems, HV AC? How does your vehicle get its cooling and oil distribution? Do those pointing f...