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  • A Republican vote is a vote for jobs

    Edwin Johnson, Gardiner, Montana|Aug 13, 2020

    Montana governor candidate Greg Gianforte has brought high paying private sector jobs into Montana. Greg’s opponent Mike Cooney and his mentor Steve Bullock are lifelong politicians. Neither knows how to create private sector jobs. They never have. Sending Washington DC another politician to join Schumer, Pelosi, Bernie, A.O.C. and the Socialist Squad will not create jobs for Montana’s hard working families. Montana’s choice is clear. We can go with: more government, fewer jobs, open borders, sanctuary cities, defund the police, adopt cance...

  • Vote NO on I-177

    Edwin Johnson, Gardiner, Mont.|Nov 3, 2016

    Who is behind the anti-trapping Initiative, I-177? This threat to Montana’s hunting and trapping heritage is being driven by out-of-state animal rights activist groups such as .PETA, ASPCA, Humane Society etc. Out-of-state environmental organizations like Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, etc. are also pushing for passage of I-177. What is alarming is that these same groups are also funneling political action cash (PAC Money) into Steve Bullock’s re-election campaign. Unfortunately, Montana’s elected Democratic office holders throu...

  • Stop Pitting Landowners against Sportsmen – Vote No on I-177

    Edwin Johnson, Gardiner, Mont.|Oct 20, 2016

    Public Access is not a sportsman versus landowner political issue. However, out-of-state activists like Sierra Club, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Defenders of Wildlife, etc. are trying to make it one. Anti-hunting groups are attempting to increase their influence by pouring political action cash (PAC Money) into Montana’s statewide elections. The cause of newly blocked sportsman access is not landowners. The federal government is gating roads and abandoning trails. Federal overreach is impacting the jobs a...