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 By Caryn Miske    Opinion    August 26, 2021

The Clearwater Valley in the midst of a waterlily invasion

A field of green greets both residents and visitors to many of the lakes in the Clearwater Valley. However, this is not the field of green you may be thinking of – This particular landscape lacks...


Effectively treating fuels at the neighborhood level

Wow! A record 16 inches of snow and -19 degrees in October. We must be in Montana! Wildfires are now far from our thoughts as we bundle up after still being in tee shirts only a couple of weeks ago. With our climate extremes, we know that another...

 By Caryn Miske    Opinion    April 23, 2020

Investing in the next generation of scientists

Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, the scientific community has continued to make strides that were previously unimaginable even the century prior. Today, more than ever, we look...


Algal blooms: What can we do about them?

On Oct. 31, the Seeley Swan Pathfinder published a story discussing the possible detection of toxic blue-green algae on Seeley Lake. The article provided a thorough discussion surrounding such algal b...


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