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  • Clean water: We can't take it for granted

    Caryn Miske, Executive Director, Clearwater Resource Council|Jun 30, 2022

    As we watch the loons and trumpeter swans rear their young, it is easy to believe that the waters in the Clearwater Valley remains relatively pristine. And yes, compared to many other areas of the country we continue to enjoy relatively clean waters. However, multiple indicators demonstrate our waters are at risk. Reports of septic contamination in groundwater testing wells are routine in Seeley Lake. Blue-green algae blooms are becoming an increasing common occurrence in the early fall....

  • The Clearwater Valley in the midst of a waterlily invasion

    Caryn Miske, Executive Director, Clearwater Resource Council|Aug 26, 2021

    A field of green greets both residents and visitors to many of the lakes in the Clearwater Valley. However, this is not the field of green you may be thinking of – This particular landscape lacks barbecue pits, lawn furniture and a kayak propped up against an old ponderosa pine. The field of green to which I'm referring is the blanket of waterlilies that now cover many acres of shorefront. While native waterlilies still exist in the Clearwater, the native species are being pushed out as i...

  • Effectively treating fuels at the neighborhood level

    Caryn Miske, Executive Director, Clearwater Resource Council|Oct 29, 2020

    Wow! A record 16 inches of snow and -19 degrees in October. We must be in Montana! Wildfires are now far from our thoughts as we bundle up after still being in tee shirts only a couple of weeks ago. With our climate extremes, we know that another summer like 2017 cannot be far off. And as we hear reports from California about the levels of destruction occurring from wildfires there, it is never an inappropriate time to take preventive actions. Fortunately, here in Seeley Lake, there are good examples of how that can be done. From the...

  • Investing in the next generation of scientists

    Caryn Miske, Executive Director, Clearwater Resource Council|Apr 23, 2020

    Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, the scientific community has continued to make strides that were previously unimaginable even the century prior. Today, more than ever, we look to science to solve some of our most pressing issues, ranging from the development of a COVID-19 vaccine to methods that can be used to sequester carbon to reduce some of the worst projections related to climate change. While national polling indicates that over time a significant portion of the...

  • Algal blooms: What can we do about them?

    Caryn Miske, Executive Director, Clearwater Resource Council|Nov 21, 2019

    On Oct. 31, the Seeley Swan Pathfinder published a story discussing the possible detection of toxic blue-green algae on Seeley Lake. The article provided a thorough discussion surrounding such algal blooms and why we should be concerned. Unfortunately, algal blooms are not a new phenomenon in the Clearwater "Chain of Lakes" as Seeley, Placid and Salmon lakes have had documented algal blooms in the recent past, though not all of the blooms were documented as toxic. In 2017, Placid Lake...