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  • Choices in conflict

    Bruce Bourne, Corvallis & Seeley Lake, Montana|Oct 22, 2020

    I found the letter to the Pathfinder titled “Vote like life depends on it” interesting and I thank the Pathfinder for printing the varied views of the community. I do have several concerns about the view expressed. First, the author’s view is based on her Christian belief. As most of you are aware, our country was founded on the idea of the separation of church and state. Mostly this was out of concern that people did not want the state messing with their religious freedoms. I believe turnabout is fair play. Why should a church be able to ge...

  • Initiative Quandary

    Bruce Bourne, Part-time Seeley Lake resident|Oct 25, 2018

    I’m really struggling to make a decision on how to vote on Initiatives 185 and 186. I’ve seen the mailers on I-185 that claim it is unconstitutional. If so, why are groups spending so much money to defeat it? Also, considering we think of our form of government as a democracy, telling people that their vote will not count seems a bit insulting. The other problem I have with I-185 is the additional tax on tobacco products. This tax is aimed at a small portion of Montanans (I don’t use tobacco). It seems like it would be too small of a tax base....