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  • Wolf trapping and grizzly bears

    Bob Sheppard, Ovando|Dec 14, 2023

    Judge Malloy cut the wolf trapping season to protect grizzly bears. Yeah, right!! The last issue with wolf traps and grizzlies was in 2013. Why so much concern over an incident a decade ago? Last year there were two grizzly bears killed by cars in district 2. There were several more killed in other areas by vehicles, also in the last year. Last year there were two grizzly bears killed from fly fishermen. There were two grizzly bears killed by bow hunters. One bear problem with upland game bird hunters. Why then are they focusing on a problem th...

  • Of Fires, Habitat and Logging

    Bob Sheppard, Ovando, Mont.|Nov 9, 2017

    Now that the fires have cooled, at least in the woods, here are a few things to contemplate. The “save the world people,” i.e. Friends of This and That, Filers of Lawsuits to Stop Logging, Road building, Access, Save the Animals and Save the Trees- you know what I mean-have done a good job this time. I will stick to the Rice Ridge fire because like others in this area I am on a handshaking basis with it. The timber harvest in this area has been brought to a virtual standstill because of things such as endangered species, wilderness, acc...

  • Forests and Fires

    Bob Sheppard, Ovando, Mont.|Aug 31, 2017

    We are seeing the results of an accumulated series of mismanagement procedures on our forests. This is not a sudden or new thing. It has been going on for years and we have for the most part been either sitting idly by or actually helped in the mismanagement process. Ms. Randi de Santa Anna is partially correct when she says that there is no easy way to thin our forests back down, but there is a way to achieve a portion of that goal. A short lesson in history is in order. Years ago, we put fires out aggressively when they started. There were lo...