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By Andi Bourne

Wrestling Program Starts in Seeley


SEELEY LAKE – Seeley Lake Elementary (SLE) eighth-grader Soren Moon is organizing a wrestling program in Seeley Lake for elementary and junior high boys and girls. While the official schedule with practice times and meet dates has not been finalized, anyone interested is encouraged to get in touch with the coaches or Moon.

Moon has wrestled for the past three years with C.S. Porter in Missoula, Mont. He earned his way to the All-City tournament, the final tournament of the season, all three years.

“Wrestling teaches you life skills like working hard for something you want, different techniques and helps you feel good about yourself when you win,” said Moon.

After moving to Seeley Lake last spring, Moon thought it was sad that there wasn’t a wrestling program in Seeley Lake. Moon approached SLE Superintendent Chris Stout about starting a wrestling club at SLE for sixth, seventh and eighth-graders. Moon said Stout was receptive to the idea encouraging him to work towards it for next year.

“I wanted this to get started this year since there is no wrestling in high school either,” said Moon.

Technology teacher Michele Holmes integrated a statewide program called Jobs for Montana Graduates (JMG) as a part of the class.

“Two components of the program are student voice and student action which are achieved through the class’s chosen Program of Work,” wrote Holmes in an email.

Holmes taught the students the basics of Robert’s Rules of Order showing them how to make a motion. Moon motioned to revive the wrestling program at SLE.

“While many ideas were discussed, the class [voted] on starting wrestling at SLE due to Soren’s passion and persuasion.”

Moon talked to Clint Harris and Chris Mauldin who agreed to coach the team. The class organized volunteers who dug out the old wrestling mats that had been stored in the SLE shed for years and cleaned them. The eighth-grade students advertised the first meeting that was held Feb. 8 and others interested in the program helped raise money by working concessions at the girl’s basketball game.

Practices will be held at SLE and the team will compete in matches in the Missoula area. The season officially starts Feb. 21.

“We want to find the kids that really want to compete and go to meets [sixth, seventh and eighth graders]. We also want to find the kids that individually just want to learn. That is why we are inviting fifth-graders to practices [since they can’t compete],” said Moon. “We also need adults who are willing to take us to Missoula for the meets since a bus is too expensive.”

An interest meeting was held Feb. 8 and eight students attended. Anyone who is interested in the program is invited to contact Moon 406-830-1295, Mauldin 406-239-0284 or Harris 406-544-4649.


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