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 By Mark Ruby    Opinion    July 6, 2017

Public Input is Important to USFS Land Management

The US Forest Service is an agency that uses teams of resource specialists to plan and implement management actions on the nation’s national forest lands. This planning and implementation relies heavily on public involvement at all stages. Without...

 By Mark Ruby    Opinion    January 26, 2017

The Story of the American Marten

The American marten is a very charismatic creature despite its small size. The house-cat sized member of the weasel family has short legs, pointed ears and a well-furred tail that extends to about a third of its total body length. Perhaps best...

 By Mark Ruby    Opinion    August 25, 2016

Stable Isotopes and Grizzly Bears in the NCDE

Bears are well known omnivores. They are animals that eat both plant and animal matter including insects, plant matter, berries, tree cambium, fish and red meat. At the North American scale, a high degree of available foods appear on the bear menu. L...

 By Mark Ruby    Opinion    March 17, 2016

Genetic Diversity and NCDE Grizzly Bears

Genetic diversity of wildlife populations are an important consideration for long term conservation. Having a variety of genetic traits across a population is generally considered highly advantageous, as it allows a species a large toolbox of traits...

 By Mark Ruby    Opinion    November 5, 2015

Snag Some Habitat

Standing dead wood has incredible value to living things across western Montana’s forests. As fall stretches on and wood stoves burn more frequently, standing dead wood has high wildlife habitat value in addition to providing heat for homes....


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