Swan Valley Elementary School celebrates eighth grade and kindergarten graduates

Last week Swan Valley Elementary School celebrated the school's eighth grade graduate, Noah Morgan, and three kindergarteners moving up to first grade.

Three Swan Valley teachers spoke warmly about Morgan's positive attitude, hard work ethic and artistic skills in addition to his track and field prowess and ability to see the good in everyone.

Morgan asked Swan Valley School Secretary Katie Gleason to be his guest speaker at the celebration.

"I'm so honored that Noah asked me to speak today," Gleason said. "I asked him if it was okay if I cried. He said, sure, I guess. I also told him maybe I just wouldn't let him graduate today. I wasn't ready for him to move on. And he said that's okay but he wasn't coming to school next year."

Gleason went on to highlight Morgan's time playing basketball at Swan Valley Elementary, his school record in the four kilometer shot put, his artwork and the goofy but genuine way he interacted with his classmates, sometimes referring to them as what food they like before knowing their names.

Morgan was awarded the Student of the Month, the A Honor Roll and the Principal's Outstanding Award by Swan Valley Elementary School Principal Angie Mock. He will be a freshman at Seeley-Swan High School in the fall.

"He's worked diligently on any task set before him, whether it was difficult or not, with the same focus and attention. He's been a joy to interact with," Mock said.

Kindergarteners Easton Curtis, Josie Mitchell and Paisley Reynolds were presented with their kindergarten diplomas. Mock said the students spent the year working on phonics, numbers, numeracy and social skills.

Instructor Lori McCleerey said it's been a joy watching these three students grow and is happy she'll be able to instruct them again in first grade.

"There were many times that I would say, everyone look at the kindergarteners and how quiet they are, ready for instruction. There were many times they were very good leaders," McCleery said.


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