Local sockeye, kokanee salmon in the Seeley area

Have you ever been driving Highway 83 and noticed the surface of Salmon Lake rippling with rising fish? It's likely what you were seeing weren't trout, but rather the landlocked version of sockeye salmon called kokanee. These mini salmon have been stocked in the Clearwater chain of lakes for over half a century by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to provide recreational fishing opportunities. The story of the Clearwater kokanee is interesting and involves biology, laboratory science and most importantly, fishing.

Let's start with biology. Kokanee are the same species as sockeye salmon, which are...


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Tandemgirl writes:

Very good. Such a smooth read and really easy to understand for the lay person. Engaging, educational and truly brings the reader to a new curiosity and appreciation and peeked interest. Not surprised. Your field needs more articles like this from Reuben Frey

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