Pathfinder editor to exit role this month

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I will be leaving the role as Pathfinder editor in the coming weeks.

Seven months ago, I started the job wondering if anyone still read the newspaper, or if the days of local journalism had come to a close. I quickly realized that the local news is alive and well in Seeley Lake, because you, the reader, care.

In my time as editor, I have seen concerts, heated meetings, infrastructure issues and the roar of the Seeley Swan High School gym during a good basketball game. It has been an honor to cover each of these things.

Social media and the mainstream news has destroyed much of our local newsrooms. America has half of the journalists we used to have 20 years ago. The Pathfinder has stood the test of time because of the strong community of Seeley Lake.

I am thankful for all of the great folks I have met while I have been here.

That didn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of work. I have been the main reporter, editor, designer, photographer, web manager and the person who drove the papers from Missoula to Seeley Lake each week.

It was hard to step away from this role, but I decided to take a new job as the local government reporter at the Missoulian. It’s worth noting that housing in Seeley Lake was an issue. While there were options for me, all were either too expensive for my salary, or I would rent out a garage at the rate of my two-bedroom apartment in Missoula.

When friends tell me Missoula has a housing crisis, I point them to Seeley Lake, where the real problem of building an affordable home exists.

Nonetheless, I am still a huge fan of Seeley Lake and its people. I know you, you know me. Please don’t be a stranger, as you can still call me at the Missoulian for stories that are important to you. While I might not be able to report it, I can surely listen to your concerns.

It was a great run here for me, and I hope that the next editor can bring the same amount of skill and energy to running the paper.


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