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Thirty-five years ago...

Thursday Dec. 22, 1988

Endurance race from Helena to Holland Lake–and back! Governor's Cup 500 renamed for Centennial

The Montana Centennial Sled Dog Race today announced the support of this event by the Montana Centennial Committee, Kessler Beer, Eagle Brand Pet Foods and Northern Energy, a Montana propane and appliance business.

The race is scheduled to start on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 11, following the traditional Friday night banquet at Carroll College.

This race, being run for the fourth year, is normally called The Governor's Cup, but has been temporarily renamed to celebrate the passing of Montana's 100th birthday.

In addition to the corporate contributions, the race has taken on a new marketing effort to sell shirts and hats as an important element in their fundraising effort.

Compared to other similar events in this rapidly growing sport, this 500 mile event remains the longest endurance sled dog racing contest in the lower 48 states.

This year several hundred volunteers, including four snowmobile clubs, will support the race which can last from four to six days, and runs from Helena to Holland Lake and back.

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Twenty years ago...

Thursday Dec. 25, 2003

One of our best retirees: Colin Moon says farewell after 22 years

Colin Moon–Fair, genuine, trustworthy, honest, incredible and funny. Those are a few of the things mentioned when people are asked about what they think of Colin.

In May, he will retire from Seeley Lake Volunteer Fire Department and the Clearwater DNRC (Department of National Resources and Conservation).

The Seeley Lake Volunteer Fire Department and QRU Christmas party focused on Colin's retirement and all he has done for the district and the department.

"Obviously it's going to be sad, because look at everything he's done for us," Seeley Lake Fire Chief Frank Maradeo said. "It's really going to be hard to recover from this for quite awhile. We've still got some great people at Clearwater DNRC–Steve Wallace, Neil Carlson, and Howie Kent, but we'll really miss Colin. I hope he'll wean us, and go out slowly."

District Manager Carol Wetzsteon said, "I love him; he's always there for you. I can't even imagine a fire season without him. He gives everybody a real security factor. It just won't be the same."

He served on the Seeley Lake Volunteer Fire Department for 21 years, and served as Fire Chief twice from 1985 to 1987 and 1993 to 1995.

He served on the Seeley Lake Fire District Board for nine years.

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