Report: Holland Lake Wastewater System leaking 148 times above legal limit

A leakage study determined the Holland Lake Wastewater System has been spilling sewage at a very high rate into the surrounding ground, an issue that the Forest Service said will be fixed under state guidelines.

The study showed that the wastewater system had leaked 19.5 inches of effluent over eight days. The state-approved leakage is six inches per year. That's roughly 148 times the legal limit.

“This excessive leakage constitutes a discharge without a permit in violation of the Montana Water Quality Act,” a release from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality said.

While the Forest...


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Caroline writes:

I’m so grateful to the reporter covering this story, for the Pathfinder for keeping us informed, and for the people who worked hard to expose this gross negligence. People who care about our community do not allow such contamination.