Holland Lake owner ends POWDR partnership, plans to sell

The owner of the Holland Lake Lodge announced he will not continue a partnership with a Utah company to expand the resort and plans to sell the site after he said he received numerous hate mail and death threats, the Missoulian first reported.

Christian Wohlfeil told the Missoulian he has revoked his request to the Forest Service to transfer ownership to the Utah-based resort company POWDR. The decision comes a little more than a year after the plans for expansion were announced.

The lodge came into controversy after people in the Seeley-Swan Valley and around Montana spoke up with concern on...


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kimblekathleen writes:

FYI: The Missoulian finally fixed their erroneous headline online about death threats. But still has not fixed story to note alleged threats of any kind. And did not yet delete their erroneous TwitterX post about ALLEGED threats, that omits word alleged. No evidence of threats. ALLEGED is the word missing from most coverage of Chris Wohlfeil's claim of threats. I'm sure he has been treated rudely, with good reason in my opinion, but any claims of threats are ALLEGED by the current lodge owner only.

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