DEQ: Holland Lake sewer could be contaminating area groundwater

Montana's environment agency said wastewater from Holland Lake Lodge could be leaking above state-approved levels after nonprofit Save Holland Lake made an official complaint that the site could be contaminating groundwater.

The Department of Environmental Quality then asked the Forest Service in an August letter to complete an analysis of the site by Sept. 17. Officials from the Forest Service requested a two-month extension of the study, a letter from the Forest Service said.

DEQ said in its August letter that after looking at nearby precipitation and evaporation data, waste volume and spray...


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Caroline writes:

I’m not sure how, after years of apparent flagrant violation of local laws that we all must follow regarding sanitation, a PRIVATE company on PUBLIC land has been allowed to use public protections (USFS septic permit) to plunder OUR most precious public resource year after year, with no consequences. Let the delinquents pay up; Montanans are tired of giving away for free what we most value: our unique and rare pristine natural environment. This land is OUR land. Not a private entity’s who does not hold it sacred, and certainly not an out of state luxury brand like POWDER’s.

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