By Matt Regier
Montana House Majority Leader 

Thirty-Nine legislative leaders encourage Rosendale to run for senate


August 24, 2023

Matt Rosendale is the kind of proven conservative Montana needs in the race for the U.S. Senate against Jon Tester. As a group of committed conservative leaders and citizen legislators representing Montana, we are committed to our principles and the individuals who elected us. We are uniting our voices to encourage Matt Rosendale to enter the Montana Senate race.

Congress has been drifting from our Constitutional principles for too long, leaving grassroots conservatives and everyday Americans feeling overlooked. The current bureaucratic party establishment maintains control in D.C., regardless of which party is in power, creating a sense of paralysis and an inability to execute meaningful changes. This arrangement primarily benefits the establishment elite and certain special interest groups and needs to be changed.

To challenge this status quo, we need a courageous figure in D.C. Someone unafraid to defy the Mitch McConnell establishment, demand change, and restore Congress to the principles that shaped this great nation. It is insufficient to merely promise change; the demonstration of real action matters. Matt Rosendale has shown this through his demand for rule changes from Speaker McCarthy earlier this year, an unwelcome action in the view of D.C. insiders but essential to restore democratic representation.

The Montana legislature has been proactive, tackling some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Montana needs a Senator who is equally committed to taking legislative action. We need someone with experience addressing core conservative issues on the federal level. Issues include controlling spending and taxes, ending the Ukraine War, confronting the trans-ideology that threatens traditional family values, and halting the growing influence of climate corporatism from ESG.

Montana needs Matt Rosendale in the U.S. Senate race. His experience and commitment position him as the best candidate to face Jon Tester and work toward restoring Congress to its Constitutional principles.

Let’s rally behind him, ensuring Montana deserves the representation it deserves.

Becky Beard (SD40), James Bergstrom (HD30), Ken Bognar (SD19), Bob Brown (SD07), Ed Butcher (HD29),

Jennifer Carlson (HD69), Lee Deming (HD55), Jason Ellsworth (SD43), Terry Falk (HD8), Paul Fielder

(HD13), Chris Friedel (SD10), Steve Galloway (HD24), Jane Gillette (HD64), Steve Gist (HD25), Steve

Gunderson (HD01), Greg Hertz (SD06), Steve Heinbauch (SD18), Caleb Hinkle (HD68), Jed Hinkle (HD67),

Greg Kmetz (HD38), Bradon Ler (HD35), Forrest Mandeville (SD29), Ron Marshall (HD87), Theresea

Manzella (SD44), Braxton Mitchell (HD03), Mark Noland (SD05), Greg Oblander (HD40), Garry Parry

(HD39), Bob Phalen (HD36), Keith Regier (SD03), Amy Regier (HD06), Matt Regier (HD04), Jerry

Schillinger (HD37), Tanner Smith (HD11), Jeremy Trebas (SD13), Barry Usher (SD20), and Zach Wirth



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