Twenty years ago…

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Forest Resource council get $8,000 grant for local work

National Forest Foundation ( NFF) Awards Local Group Community Assistance Program Grants

…The Seeley Lake Forest Council was awarded $8,000 in funds from the grant program.

“ The NFF commitment to local participation in forest conservation is at the very heart of this program,” said Bill Possiciel, president of the NFF. “We look forward to working with these and other emerging groups as they establish themselves in their communities.”

The NFF developed the CAP to promote the creation and build the capacity of locally based forest partnerships to proactively engage in forest stewardship and in rebuilding sustainable economies.

The non-matching grants may be used for a variety of needs including: basic start-up and operating costs, materials and equipment, technical assistance, training, community outreach, obtaining 501 © (3) status, program development, nonprofit management skill building, and communications.

“We appreciate the grant assistance and contacts from the NFF,” said Stan Nicholson, Executive director of the Seeley Lake Forestry Council. “They will help us to quickly organize the Clearwater Resource Council and get up to speed to address some of the important forest and other resource management issues in our 150,000 acre valley.”

Thirty-five years ago…

Thursday, May 26, 1988

Council to push for sewer system

Acting on a recommendation from the Economic Development Task Force, Seeley Lake Community Council voted to pursue the formation of a sewer district. The action came at last Monday’s regular meeting, with all members of the Council voting in favor.

The timing for placing a sewer initiative on the ballot in November appears to be extremely tight, according to representatives of the Task Force. First, boundaries for a district have to be developed. Then, at least 10% of the voters within the proposed district must sign a petition in support of the measure. Next, a public hearing would be held by the county commissioners, after which the commissioners have four weeks in which to decide whether to place the measure on the ballot. Such ballot approval must occur within 75 to 90 days prior to the election. The ballot would provide for the establishment of a district and election of a board of directors.

Condon Residents pursue formation of council

A handful of local residents gathered at the May meeting of the Condon Community Club and discussed the possibility of forming a community council for the upper Swan Valley.

A community council would provide a forum for people to discuss issues such as land use and road maintenance with the Missoula County Commissioners.

The Condon Community Club has been going beyond the scope of its charter by tackling political issues in recent years, according to one local resident. The club was established to take care of the Swan Valley Community Hall and the grounds surrounding it. It was never intended to be the forum for political discussions, though in recent years, the Club has, out of necessity taken on that role, according to Tom Parker, president.

About two years ago, the Club completed the Condon Comprehensive Plan which suggests directions for future land use in the Swan Valley. At that time, local residents discussed the formation of a community council but the issue wasn’t pursued.

At last week’s meeting, several people including Tom Parker and Bud Moore agreed to contact the local residents who had been active in developing the Comprehensive Plan and see if people still support the formation of a community council for the Condon area.


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