'Iggy Peck, architect'-a kid's book you haven't heard of yet

Iggy Peck has been an architect since birth. He begins building towers with diapers at age 2 (not exactly clean), churches from apples, and even pancake arches. Don't let your kids get too many ideas about playing with their food after this one.

Most folks are impressed with Iggy's wild imagination - that is, until he enters Miss Lila Greer's second grade class. Because of some bizarre childhood experience in a skyscraper, this teacher forbids any talk of architecture.

Iggy's passion is squashed and school quickly becomes a bore until Miss Greer takes her class to Blue River Pass for a hike. Something happens that pushes Iggy to make a decision.

Will he keep his passion under wraps like he's been told or become the hero of this great story?

Check this book out at your local library to find out! It has a great message about expressing an inner self and embracing your talents, and puts the character up against a fairly realistic dilemma.

I think many of us have been stifled by a classroom, or two.

'Iggy Peck, Architect' is written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts.


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