Letter from the Editor

I would like to take this time to respond to a letter sent to the editor a few weeks ago which expressed some frustration in a lack of local coverage.

I have been trying to refocus the paper on local events as best as I am able. If there are things which readers want to see more of or would rather not see, please email and let me know. I hope that my photo-essay type pieces have been enjoyable, but I don’t know without any public input.

But any frustration in my not being as engaged or connected as the Bournes is beyond valid. I am not the same type of writer or reporter as either Nathan or An...


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moondance writes:

Well written letter, Asa. I suspect you're going to do quite well. And I've enjoyed the variety you have been presenting. Thanks for cleaning up the formatting on the upcoming events section. Much easier to read now. A huge thing that wold help if an improvement to the online comments. It would help tremendously if we were notified of responses to our comment alerting us to log in and read them. So far, the way it works is that we have to remember periodically to check for responses. Pain in the butt. Thanks, Mike.

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