Seeley Lake Fire Department demonstrate new vehicle extraction tools

On Saturday, May 6, the Seeley Lake Fire Department conducted a training exercise for extracting persons trapped in a vehicle after a crash.

Firefighters practiced techniques for quickly gaining access to damaged vehicles and safely removing anyone trapped inside. They were training with both old and new equipment such as a "jaws-of-life" which are designed to cut through the metal frame of a car when a person is unable to exit because of damage.

The newer equipment, which is said to be "five-times as powerful as the old equipment," can cut through the stronger materials used in newer vehicles at a much quicker rate and this training event was used to demonstrate that better proficiency for the general public.

Part of the demo showed the new equipment cut through the doors and the A-frame of a Volvo, and pushed the dashboard up to release a victim before the older equipment had even cut off one door on the passenger's side.

The event was done in cooperation with the Chicken Coop and Clearwater Towing to raise funds for purchasing the new equipment.


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