Op-Ed: PSC puts the burden on Montanans while letting out-of-state corporations off the hook

Montana’s Public Service Commission (PSC) is under renewed scrutiny following a deal negotiated by NorthWestern Energy that all but assures Montana residents will face drastically higher energy rates.

The 100% Republican-controlled PSC completed a review period in which the public was able to comment; now the commission is planning to approve new rates that increase costs to consumers by 28% for Montanans, 25% for small businesses, and only 15% for giant box stores owned by out-of-state corporations, and 15% for government buildings.

Why the GOP seems bound and determined to place the majority...


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moondance writes:

Excellent piece, well written and timely. It's so sad to see this kind of corruption in our state government. Thank you for calling out the Republicans for this BS.

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