Six local groups get $12,000 from the Seeley Lake Community Foundation

Six local organizations received good news this week thanks to the Seeley Lake Community Foundation's Community Grant Program.    

"We want to be a resource and catalyst for local groups to do good work for our community.  It's exciting to have these amazing projects benefit Seeley Lake area," says SLCF Executive Director Claire Muller.

Tom Browder, board member for 2023 grantee Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor Center says, "This grant will really help to make the Hayloft Room more usable and comfortable. The great thing about the SLCF Community Grant program is that the application is very straightforward and do-able for volunteers."

 The organizations receiving grants this year are: 

Seeley Lake Lions Club: $2500 for Community Swimming Lessons

Montana ranks third in the nation for accidental drownings. Water safety training is essential! Families representing 97 children in the community have reported interest in affordable swimming lessons. This start-up funding will help launch this important community benefit and help this program gain momentum. Swimming lessons will provide a tool for self-sufficiency around the water.

Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor Center: $1250 for Enhancements to the meeting space at the historic Barn building

This project will make improvements to the upstairs meeting room (referred to as the Hayloft Room), which have been requested by numerous organizations that use this room. Improvements include a new sink, shelving, and a chair caddy.

Animal Wonders: $1200 for a five week Wildlife Education Program

Five visits from a wildlife educator to the Seeley Lake Elementary 3rd grade, with a new animal ambassador for each lesson.  This project will bring the entire 3rd grade class a unique and exceptional experience that can't be found in most rural communities. The opportunity to interact closely with animals outside their normal experiences opens the students' perception of what wildlife can be and gives them a better understanding of the world on a larger scale while also showcasing examples of natural cycles that happen in their own backyards. Lessons will cover Montana State Life Science Standards.

Clearwater Resource Council: $2500 for Seeley Lake Water Quality Monitoring

The quality of the waters in the Chain of Lakes in the Clearwater Valley is a critical component of our environment. The importance of this project was emphasized at the January 9th Community Council meeting, where both the Seeley Lake Sewer District and the Community Council voiced strong support for CRC to continue lake monitoring. This funding will pay for part of the time of the Big Sky Watershed Corps Americorps member dedicated to this project.

Seeley Lake ROCKS: $2100 for Placid Lake Trail & Seeley Lake Ice Rink Upgrades

Signage on the new Placid Lake trails and at the ice rink will make it easier for the public to access these community amenities. Weed spraying will make the trails easier to hike, and will improve the habitat (especially winter range) for wildlife. New hoses will make ice maintenance easier.

Alpine Artisans, Inc: $2500 for 2 Valleys Stage Community and School Performances

2 Valleys Stage has been eager to bring a performing group that reflects the increased racial diversity in our community. This grant will provide support for two professional performing groups: Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (community performance in August) and Jarabe Mexicano (3 day residency in November with a Dia de los Muertos theme, immersing the audience in this cultural observance.) Whether or not a student plans a career in the performing arts is not the primary focal point of 2 Valleys Stage, but rather, a deep commitment to achieving excellence in one's field whether as a scientist, mathematician, or athlete.

The SLCF Community Grant Program funds local projects in the areas of: art & culture, community & economic development, basic human needs, education, and natural resources & conservation. 

This annual program has provided almost $340,000 in funding to 38 nonprofits serving Seeley Lake. We invite local groups to keep in touch.

The Seeley Lake Community Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that engages philanthropy, provides leadership, and enhances the quality of life and economic vitality of the Seeley Lake, MT area.


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