Public workshops to begin

The Lolo National Forest and Plan Revision Team will hold public workshops to begin working through the "Assessment" phase of the revision process in mid-February 2023.

These interactive workshops entitled Common Ground in the Lolo will be hosted both in-person and virtually across the Lolo Ranger Districts focused on revision assessment elements including need to change, best available scientific information, and insights into distinctive roles and contributions of the Lolo National Forest. Input from workshops will be gathered by facilitators for consideration by the Revision Team as they create the draft Assessment for official public comment in the coming months.

"These in-person workshops will be wonderful opportunities to hear what is important to the people and communities interested in the Lolo National Forest plan" stated Carolyn Upton, Forest Supervisor.

Amanda Milburn, Revision Team Leader, goes on to say that "Our team has been working hard to prepare for this milestone and we are excited to learn more about the perspectives that everyone brings to the table."

To help provide meaningful opportunities for the public to be involved in the plan revision process, the Lolo National Forest has partnered with the University of Montana's Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, which has a team of experienced facilitators with specialized knowledge of public land management issues and public engagement processes.

In-person workshops will be held in Missoula, Plains, Superior, and Seeley Lake. The workshop content will be the same at all locations and will include a virtual attendance option. Registration is strongly encouraged and can be found on the Lolo Revision Web Hub. Interested participants are encouraged to join the informational online webinar the week prior to learn more about the technical aspects of the revision components covered in the workshop. The webinar presentation recording will also be screened prior to the start of the workshops.

The following events are offered in February. Refer to the Web Hub for more information on how to attend.

• Missoula Workshop, Common Ground in the Lolo on Feb 21 from 6-8p.m., webinar screening from 5:30-6p.m.

• Plains Workshop, Common Ground in the Lolo on Feb 22 from 6-8p.m., webinar screening from 5:30-6p.m.

• Seeley Lake Workshop, Common Ground in the Lolo on Feb 23 from 6-8 p.m., webinar screening from 5:30-6p.m.

• Superior Workshop, Common Ground in the Lolo on Feb 23 from 6-8p.m., webinar screening from 5:30-6p.m.

• Revision Team Office Hours on Feb. 15 from 5-6 p.m .: Virtual opportunity to ask questions about the revision process with key revision team staff and Revision Team Leader, Amanda Milburn. At this event, there will be an opportunity to meet the Revision Team and learn more about the Forest Service staff members focused on the Lolo's land management plan revision.

• Ranger Chats: Opportunity to discuss the Revision process in person with District Rangers across all five districts of the Lolo National Forest.

Background on Land Management Plan Revision Process: A Land Management Plan, commonly known as a Forest Plan, is the overarching document that guides the management of a National Forest for approximately 15 years. Land management plans set the overall management direction and guidance; the Plan does not approve site-specific projects or activities.

The revision process is expected to take multiple years and will include extensive public involvement. The responsible official is Carolyn Upton, Lolo National Forest Supervisor.

For more information, please visit the Lolo National Forest here or on Facebook and Twitter.


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