Mowgli the ring-tailed lemur settles into Seeley after move from Oklahoma

He is believed to be one of 3,000 in captivity in the world

Mowgli, a hand-raised, ring-tailed lemur is making a new home for himself in Seeley Lake.

Mowgli belongs to Jenn and Chuck Kaiser, who recently moved to Seeley Lake from Oklahoma where they had a pet store and exotic animal traveling zoo.

Jenn explained that Mowgli is also a licensed support animal for Kaiser to help with PTSD and has "never met anyone he didn't like."

Mowgli was born November 2021 at the Kaiser's USDA licensed exotic animal farm. His parents were not socialized by their previous owners, Jenn said, so the Kaisers separated Mowgli at two months old in order to socialize him as...


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