Corporate recreation comes to Holland Lake

Letter to the Editor

An out-of-state commercial recreation corporation, POWDR Inc., has proposed to expand the Holland Lake Lodge on public land and convert it into a destination resort. The current lodge is a locally run seasonal operation from May 15 to Oct. 15 that occupies 15 acres of public land under USFS permit on the shores of Holland Lake in the Swan Valley. POWDR Corporation calls itself an “adventure lifestyle company.” It is one of the largest ski resort owners in the US and owns 10 massive mountain resorts. It claims, “POWDR has an incredibly unique network to connect with the more than 58 million par...


Reader Comments(1)

Suz writes:

As property owners in the Swan Valley we completely disagree with any development by Powdr at Holland Lake. This development would ruin the culture and wildlife in the Valley that now makes it such a wonderful place.

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